Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I'm Reading: Lirael, by Garth Nix

I have been waiting and waiting to start this blog, and partly it was because I wanted to have a really great book to review first off. Of course, there is no perfect book that will suit everyone! So I decided to just go with a great book I really am reading.

Lirael is the second book in The Old Kingdom series, which begins with Sabriel and ends with Abhorsen, and includes the book of short stories, Across the Wall. The books are written by Garth Nix, a brilliant Australian writer - he has written two of my favourite series, this one and the Keys to the Kingdom series. They are both fantasy series, but The Old Kingdom is Young Adult, while the Keys to the Kingdom is more for younger readers, although you could make a case for YA.

Lirael is part of a bigger story where the Old Kingdom is under threat from a Necromancer who is ensnaring other Necromancers, creating Dead things, and even trying to capture the Prince of the realm, Sameth. Lirael herself is a daughter of the Clayr, a community of women (sister and cousins and aunts) who all have the Sight and can See into the future - except Lirael. She feels increasingly isolated, and ends up becoming a librarian, which gives her something to throw herself into and become passionate about. However, it eventually becomes clear that Lirael's future lies outside the library, and away from the Clayr altogether.

There are magical animals of unknown origin, Dead things, assassination plots, and cool librarians with swords. What's not to love?! Lirael herself is a strong female character, who works through her feelings of despair and worthlessness. She pushes through her natural shyness and reserve to be courageous and even display a sense of humour. Garth Nix's writing is really incredible. He can absolutely create a whole world that feels as real as the one you live in everyday, and characters you feel like you know as well as your own friends.

Lirael is one of my favourite books, and especially since I got my copy signed by the author!


  1. Plus your copies were gifted to you by such a wonderful individual for your birthday last year. I downloaded it to my kindle... i think i need to read them again now. I've forgotten SO MUCH!

    1. I forgot to mention that! My copies were indeed gifted to me by a wonderful individual, who I think of with love every time I open those books.