Sunday, August 18, 2013

PPOM #2 Who is Dr Who

I just love watching Dr Who, although I never really watched the original series - I'm a fan of the re-boot. I really loved Christopher Eccleston, and I thought David Tennant was great too. I did lose interest slightly a few episodes into Matt Smith's tenure, but I did still occasionally check in.

Most recently, I was caught up in the speculation about who would become the new Doctor. There was a lot of speculation about who might be considered, and I found a lot of it really interesting. As I said, I'm not a hard-core fan, but I do like the show, and I like being a part of conversations about it. It was really interesting to see who people thought would be good at the part, and occasionally adding my own opinions about that.

However, there was one type of conversation I steered right away from: discussions about the gender of the next Doctor. I was really frustrated by conversations about this, as I just couldn't understand them - the Doctor is a man, he has always been a man, it is only right and proper that he continue to be man. Although Time Lords don't die, but rather regenerate with a new body, they don't change their gender.

My problem with a lot of the posts was that they seemed to want Steven Moffat (the lead writer for the show, and an executive producer) to choose a woman, for no other reason than they (the fans) wanted a woman to play Dr Who. I really don't understand that - Dr Who is a man. If you want to see more great female characters, then push for that, but I don't think re-casting a fantastic, well-known role in a different gender is the answer.

This post was inspired by a lot of people, mostly random commentators on the internet, and also specifically a tweet by Adele Walsh, the Program Coordinator at the Centre for Youth Literature (the tweet read "Having a fandom tumblr blog doesn't make you an authority on the decisions currently being made in the writer's room. Ugh.") and an article Justine Larbalestier tweeted about, which can be found here, called Why I Hate Strong Female Characters.

Also, this post was due up last week, but I got swamped at work and I couldn't make it happen. Fortunately, the other guys were more organised and got their posts up. Lizzy is talking about crumpets and Britt wants people to stop lecturing her about safety. Finally, Alex is talking about Dr Who - she's another person who inspired this post.

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